Chinese best scaler manufacturing

SKL medical goup is one of the lagest and most professional Ultra-sonic Scaler manufactures in China with 11 years of experience. After years of investment and hard working, we have established the most professional R&D, SALES and PRODUCTION team to offer our custom­ers superior quality dental products.

For the customer

Provide safe and comfortable scaling experience.

For the society

Popularize the concept of scaling, bring the benefits of scaling to more patients.

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Advantage 3

Advantage 4

Advantage 5

Standardized professional workshop

Cooperative R&D and Design Center

Advanced production and testing equipment

A complete quality control system

Perfect after-sales and service system

For the employee

Create space for development and realize the value of employees.

Idea and vision

Think with the dentist, feel with the patient, build a Chinese first scaler brand.


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Mon to Fri :8:30-17:30
Sat to Sun :9:00-17:00
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